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​In just 11 years we have handed out
"Over $40 Million dollars" to our clients​

Testimonials, what are customers are saying

 "I had just returned from the holidays when I opened my mail and I found your letter along with a check of $2,325.20!  Well done, thank you for your great efforts on my behalf and the ongoing communication." 


"You guys are awesome! You found money which belongs to me and I never knew I had.  Over $5,000!".

Eric W.


"Thank you all for the integrity displayed at all times and putting up with me and sending me constant reminders to hand in my missing documentation.  Without your persistence, I would have never retrieved my lost funds of over $8,500!!!
Stephanie W


"Thank you for your check for $6,918.55 that I received last week. Being funds from my previous bank which they obviously never bothered to forward to me as I had moved."
Thomas B.


"The staff at Quantum Asset could not have been kinder.  I had no idea I had money due to me.  They filled out all the paperwork and let me know when I needed to come in to just pick up my check.  Thanks again for all your help."

Dorothy R.


"Thanks for helping collect my mom's money.  It will come in handy to help pay for her home health care".
Carlene W.

"Thank you for all your help, my brother Brian is finally going to get his new recliner"

Rosemary A.



"Thanks your for your check for $10,210.50 which came as a great surprise, but one for which we are grateful"

Tom C.


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